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Vestracare Welcome Back

Welcome BACK Visitors!!!!

We are very happy that you and your loved ones may enjoy each

other’s company soon

We have posted the New York State Guidance Memo on our website and

will be sending out informational calls as well. All visitation will be in

accordance to New York State Guidance.

In an effort to allow as many Residents to see their loved ones as

possible, during the initial period, the following process will be used to

promote fairness for all:

• ALL visitation will be according to a schedule.

• All visits will be scheduled for no more than 30 minutes each.

• You may schedule a visit by sending an email with the desired day

(date) and time you wish to visit to:



Questions: Administrator, Tim Reedy at 315-474-1561 ext. 3281



Questions: Administrator, Colleen Hart at (716) 366-6400 ext. 7801


Email: or

Questions: Joy Wood at 607-498-4121, Ext. 247



Questions: Administrator, Robert Baranello at 315-942-4301



Questions: Administrator, Theresa Bulone, 607-729-9206 ext. 115

o We will make every effort possible to accommodate your

requested visiting schedule however, as you may imagine,

not all requested schedules may be honored and in the

interest of fairness for all Residents, we request your


o We will let you know what your visitation day and time is.

• Only 2 visitors per Resident are allowed at a time.

• ALL children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by

someone 18 years of age and older and will count as a visitor.

• A COVID pre-screen and temperature check will need to be


• Testing for COVID-19 will be conducted free of charge by Facility

staff upon arrival before access to visitation is granted; please

arrive early to accommodate testing.

o Even if you have been vaccinated, a test will be conducted.

o Even if you had a test 3 days prior, a test will be conducted

as exposure may have occurred within those 3 days.

• Visitors will be asked to wait in their car pending test results

(approximately 20 minutes).

• All visitors with negative test results will be allowed to enter for


• Visitation will take place in special designated location(s) in the


• Hygiene rules related to COVID-19 spread prevention must be

followed during each visit.

• For the safety of all, visitation will be monitored by a staff person.

• NO pets are allowed at this time.

• NO food or drinks are allowed during visitation, at this time.

• If you have additional questions, please call the administrator.

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